for your best wedding video !

This wedding video clip top of page was filmed on the sunshine coast and gold coast
make some comparisons with the quality of footage you see on our website with other wedding companies and check out our rates

Equipment we use

We use professional and yet discreet equipment, it's your day and so we try to blend in without making a scene (pun intended)
your wedding day video raw footage will be Full HD at minimum and sometimes we switch to 4K for the resolution if needed
we have camera cranes steadicams sliders pro lighting and great audio because we are also the owners of Movcam hire
but mostly a basic setup is all thats needed to capture the moment.

Experience we use

more important than the equipment we use is our experience
it is a fast changing industry with regards to equipment,
it was film in our stills and VHS video in motion capture
but the experience hasn't changed dramatically
yes theres different styles and the addage (it's not what you do but the way that you do it)
the goal remains the same, capture the moment, the day in the best possible way