LIVESTREAM from $250

Do you want to have your wedding video last forever, would you want your wedding video to be affordable
would you like your wedding video to be a classy Professional wedding video of your whole wedding day and evening and pay as little as $800

many of the videos we have filmed have cost under $800 and have been filmed with multi camera full HD and 4K high quality audio radio mics. We have been in the wedding film and video business for many years and are here to help wedding videos noosa sunshine coast, Brisbane & Gold coast
prices for wedding videos noosa sunshine coast Brisbane and Gold coast
a few of our wedding videos noosa
a few of our wedding videos Maleny Manor
a few of our wedding videos Brisbane city

Help us to Help you make it the best day possible for your wedding

Sunshine coast wedding video and Noosa wedding video let us help you make it easier by working with you so your wedding day is a pleasure and dream come true.
wacky weddings are catered for
maybe you would want to go for a surf straight after the ceremony down on the sunshine coast
we have the equipment to film surfing both in and out the water
maybe you would like us to theme your wedding video so it's more like a drama documentary or a short film
we film some weddings where the actual wedding shoot starts weeks and sometimes months prior to the wedding ceremony.
it's a totally new game where the visionary has a great wedding film that will keep the relies interested for years to come and not make a dash for the door

Can you really get a great wedding video
from as little as $500

Yes, look around this website, you wont belive it
Noosa wedding
its instilled into peoples mindsets that they have to pay more
you only get what you pay for etc
remember this is your wedding and you can have what you like
Noosa and the sunshine coast is a great venue location for a wedding and a great place to film, you get amazing photographs
and even better wedding videos with BigSmiles...
now just because we have a budget price for your wedding video starting at just $500 this does not mean it will be a poor quality production
No in fact it will be a high quality production filmed in Hi Definition and or 4K resolution.
check it out and see what's on offer with our wedding video packages

How much would you like to pay

Jeff boot
Cinematographer of the year 2015
Wedding Industry Experts

your wedding video can be delivered to you in Days:
and would you like your wedding video delivered to you in electronic format as well (delivered online).
send out by post and or by web or link/email
at Bigsmiles MediaFX this is not a weekend job for us,
we are a professional production company with experience in film and commercial TV. see our commercial website for film productions.
all the wedding video clips you see on our website cost under $850
The point is if you believe you get a better production by spending more money then we can charge you a lot more money
please advise and we are happy to give you peace of mind and charge you lots and lots and lots.
We just want a good days money for a good days work

what makes a good wedding video?

Collabaration between everyone involved
We need to work with you to give you what you want and so we ask for as much information as possible
wedding planners or DIY we still need to know the information.
are you having a plane fly by with a banner at 3pm, are you having white doves released at 2pm,
were really good at what we do but we dont read minds,
that's why we ask for a Run Sheet of the day,
Locations & Times
preparation address & time
Ceremony address & time
Photoshoot(s) Location(s) & time
Reception Location & time

This wedding video clip top of page was filmed on the sunshine coast and gold coast
make some comparisons with the quality of footage you see on our website with other wedding companies and check out our rates

Equipment we use

We use professional and yet discreet equipment, it's your day and so we try to blend in without making a scene (pun intended)
your wedding day video raw footage will be Full HD at minimum and sometimes we switch to 4K for the resolution if needed
we have camera cranes steadicams sliders pro lighting and great audio because we are also the owners of Movcam hire
but mostly a basic setup is all thats needed to capture the moment.

Experience we use

more important than the equipment we use is our experience
it is a fast changing industry with regards to equipment,
it was film in our stills and VHS video in motion capture
but the experience hasn't changed dramatically
yes theres different styles and the addage (it's not what you do but the way that you do it)
the goal remains the same, capture the moment, the day in the best possible way


for your best wedding video !