Weddings At Pallazo Versace

Weddings at Palazzo Versace

On the Day of your wedding you want great Photos and great video
Palazzo Versace is a wonderful location to have a wedding or your wedding reception
Mav & Robbie opposite had a wonderful wedding at the Catholic church
then they had a wonderful reception at Palazzo Versace
They stayed in this six star hotel

note: the staff at Palazzo Versace are freindly down to earth and happy and will do there best to please

The Palazzo Versace hotel is close to all that happens on the gold coast
there is so much to do with whale watching and a marina out the back of the hotel, even short trip helicopter rides

Wedding video at Palazzo Versace from $700

Jeff from BigSmiles is an award winning cinematographer placed 17th worldwide and 1st Place Australia,
and we will hopefully do better next time
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